Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Depression Is The Worst Disease You Can Get

Even though most people seem to look at depression lightly (until they've actually experienced it) or play down its implications,truth of the matter is that depression is one of the worst sicknesses you can experience. Mind yourself, we're talking about clinical depression - the kind that envelops you in inexplicable, unending sadness that does not seem to have a cause, and never seems to go really go away, not even after years or decades of suffering. Today, we'd like to invite you to watch the above video lecture from Mr. Robert Sapolsky, a renowned Stanford teacher who, in this inspirational speaking, makes an argument for why depression is the worst disease you can get. For your reference, here's an overview of the main points he makes: - Depression often goes undiagnosed until after it's completely wrecked the patient's life - From a biological standpoint, depressed patients actually get physical limitations that hinders their ability to function - Most people who haven't experienced it don't even think of it as a sickness, but merely as a fleeting emotional slump - Depression can evolve until it emotionally cripples the patient, bringing their vitality down to zero - Patients suffering from depression are often misunderstood, and their suffering tends to be completely underestimated - When you have a serious sickness everyone tries to help, but when you have depression they just tell you "shake if off" - Many patients will suffer a lifetime of depression, with no one around realizing it's a sickness that can be treated All in all, the reason why depression is the worst disease you can get is because, even in our modern day and age, it's utterly underestimated. Often, it's not even recognized as a "proper" disease! Not only that, but there is much social stigma surrounding major depression episodes, which makes people who experience these problems to grow fearful of reaching out for help. Make no mistake: even for those brave souls who admit they have problems with depression, the treatment is slow and painstaking. It involves a mixture of physiological and psychological treatments that often span months. It's not something that can be treated with just a set of pills, like so many other sicknesses! Unfortunately, most people just don't realize this. We feel that before depression can be effectively treated, our society must evolve towards widespread understanding of the implications of this disease.


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