Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Can You Relapse Back Into Depression After Being Cured?"

Many people who are getting treated for depression will wonder... "Once I am finally able to get cured, what are the chances that I'd relapse and get depressed again, later in life?" This is a very natural concern, and while there isn't a straight answer (since many factors are at play), this article will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the question.

It's easier to relapse if you've followed shortcuts

To begin with, you should realize that any shortcuts you decide to take during your treatment will increase the likelihood of a relapse, further along. This is especially true for anti-depressants, which many people still regard as a quick fix for depression. Yes, taking these meds can make you feel better rather quickly... but your well-being will be a function of the medication, ever since.

For one, you'll stand a good chance of becoming addicted to those anti-depressants (which will effectively just exchange your current problem for another problem), or at very least develop tolerance to them - meaning they will get less and less of an effective solution as time goes on. Two, basing your recovery exclusively on drugs will teach you not about managing depression - which is what you should learn to make sure there will be no relapses, ever again.

Not to say that using pharmaceuticals to treat depression is wrong; in extreme cases, they are a necessary part of the process. But they should be regarded as a temporary aid to support treatment, rather than a quick and comprehensive fix.

Effective treatments will teach you how to cope

The only way to ensure you won't ever relapse back into depression is to develop understanding and coping skills. This process can be time-consuming, exhausting, and at times frustrating... but it's the only way to ensure permanent success. Once you treat your depression by learning how to deal with it, you'll be better prepared to keep it from surfacnig again. And even if that happens, you'll know what to do to keep depression from taking over your life the second time around. It's all about learning how to cope, as opposed to looking for a quick fix!

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