Sunday, March 31, 2013

7 Natural Life Hacks Against Depression

If you've been feeling intensely depressed for several weeks, there's a chance you may suffer from clinical depression. In this case, you should seek the help of a professional therapist, since that's the most reliable strategy to deal with your problem - just as seeking the help of a MD would be the best strategy to deal with a physical sickness.

Regardless, even if you're already getting some theraphy -- there are simple life hacks that you should consider using, that will help improve your odds of a fast and seamless recovery. Your therapist has probably pointed out some of the following advice, but that's of no use until you start taking action. Here are simple tactics that you should embrace as part of your daily routine:

Move around more

Leading a sedentary lifestyle drastically increases your chances of suffering from depression, as well as the intensity of your depressive moods. You have to try to get some physical activity into your routine, since that will bring up some natural endorphin into your body, helping regulate your moods. Maybe you can't bring yourself to take up jogging on joining a gym all of a sudden, so you should take it (literally) one step at a time. Start by taking some walks, start doing some basic exercises at home, then expand on your exercise program as you feel ready for it.

Get out in the Sun

Something as apparently trivial as getting out in the sun can do wonders to help regulate your mood. Lack of natural sunlight will disturb your mental processes and make you prone to entering moody states. Snapping out of it can sometimes be as simple as taking a couple of ours to leisurely get some air and walk in the sun. Even during the Winter, you should seize any available opportunities to catch a bit of sunlight whenever it's peeking from between the clouds. It will make a difference.

Clean up your surroundings

A cluttered working space will induce a cluttered mental state. Conversely, tidying up your office, living room or whatever spaces you tend to linger at will positively impact your mental attitude. Even when you don't feel like cleaning (especially then), try to push yourself to doing so, and you'll notice that once your surroundings are cleaned up, your inner turmoil will also tend to settled down.

Talk it out

Even if you're already seeing a therapist, you may want to consider finding a close friend or relative with whom you can confide your problems over depression. This will help bridge the gap between your inner world and the outside reality, putting your issues in perspective and making them feel as less of an ominous problem.

Write it down

Since you won't always have someone around to confide in (and also because you shouldn't become dependent on external support), it's a great idea to start a journal where you will write down your struggles against depression, your feelings and progress along the way. When you feel down in the dumps, writing in your journal will help exorcise those dark inner clouds, especially if you make it a habit.

Drink uplifting teas

There are plenty of herbal infusions that will help to bring your spirits up and lift those sorrowful moods you probably get caught up in every now and the, as a depression patient. St. John's Wort is universally recognized as one of the most effective herbs for treating depression, but even something as trivial as green tea can be helpful. If you're taking anti depressants, you should consult your therapist about this, since some natural remedies may react adversely to some prescription drugs.

Sparkle your passions

Finding something that makes you feel passionate will be tremendously useful in dealing with depression. Maybe you can look up a new hobby or get involved in an activity you've always loved, or learn a new craft for the sake of self-expression. For the effect of treating depression it's best to focus on activities that make you feel passionate rather than seeking romantic passion - because should the latter happen to back-fire or go unappreciated, it could make you feel worse than ever.

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