Monday, April 22, 2013

Testimony From a Survivor of Major Depression

If you still haven't realized how depression is a sickness that affects all kinds of people, from all walks of life, in all age groups... this post will offer you some perspective. To begin with, we'd like to invite you to watch this video testimony from a brave man who's endured a major breakdown and lived through major depressive disorder: As you can see, no one is free from the threat of depression. Granted, some risk factors have been documented... but even if none of those apply to you, this is something that can just happen at any stage in your life. And this is really not meant to scare you, but rather to ensure you're effectively prepared to deal with it, if it ever happens.

When it’s more than just a depressive mood …

Sure enough, there is likely no human being who's never tasted a depressive mood. But when we're talking about major depression, it means a patient has endured such feelings exponentially over weeks, months or years... to the point where they lose all prospects of happiness, and get caught up in a vicious cycle of misery and lethargy. As you can see from the video testimony above, coming out of major depression can be challenging even once you’ve looked for the help of a therapist. For many, suicide or madness seem like the only way out -- that’s really how tough the going gets. So what can you do when it looks as though there is no way out for your suffering? We recommend looking for the support of someone who’s lived through the same problem. Get committed to improving your understanding of what depression is and how it can be managed. Get involved with people who are currently struggling with depression, and seek comfort in relating with their experience. Look for ways to improve your lifestyle habits, since that will help minimize the effects of depression, on the long run.


  1. I suffer from clinical depression. The scary kind of depression. In addition to seeking professional help, I have also discovered a coping mechanism for myself. Horror Movies. I they are great. I even made a whole blog dedicated to the horror movies I watch trying to drowned out my blues. I go into a little more of my reasoning here:
    check it out if you have the time.

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