Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"What Is the Impact of Depression?"

Another typical question going through the mind of depressive patients, as well as their families and friends, is  "What exactly is the impact of depression? How exactly can it affect my life?". In case you also wonder about this, refer to the following graphic for a quick and succinct overview. 

As you can see, we're talking about short term as well as long term repercussions, each progressively worst than the last. In the early stages of depression, people will start having trouble coping with their social responsibilities, and their tendency for lethargy and inaction will increase the likelihood of obesity; losing their appetite for life, the patient will start indulging risky behaviors, such as binge drinking or experimenting with recreational drugs. Moreover, it's very common for depression to co-occur with other conditions, both physical and mental... which left un-diagnosed and untreated are likely to only get worse.

On the long run, all of these problems tend to get worse, in fact. Obesity problems will lead to chronic health problems, risky behaviors could evolve into substance abuse issues, suicidal tendencies, and so on. You may presume the point of this post is to scare you: and you're right! You shouldn't think of your depression as a mere nuisance  because it has real potential to interfere with your life in many ways, and even to disrupt your   normal functioning. There really is no point in letting things escalate to such extremes, you know? Especially since depression can very much be treated, no matter how severe it feels. 

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